Small Business Development Center Expands to Offer Free International Business Consulting and Entrepreneur Workshops

Free international business consulting and entrepreneur workshops are a great way to expand market and add additional exposure to already existing international consulting firms.  From an international development standpoint, Ventura County and Santa Barbara neighboring counties have implemented these not for profit programs in attempts to stimulate economic growth.  Under the premise that if one enhances higher educational vehicles, the economy will be stimulated having the multiplier effect on local growth of businesses. The Ventura County Star published an article that discusses the intentions and implications of instituting such workshops.


Workshop is the word of the day as this picture artistically portrays the model that Ventura County SBDC is seeking as they have started to offer free international business consulting and entrepreneur workshops.

“The Small Business Development Center of Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties,  hosted by the Economic Development Collaborative-Ventura County, has expanded  its roster of business services with the addition of free international business  and entrepreneur workshops. The new workshops are in addition to SBDC’s  one-one-one business advising and small business workshops and will be held at  EDC-VC, 1601 Carmen Dr., Ste. 215, Camarillo.
“Entrepreneurship and international business are two categories in which we  receive a great deal of interest from our clients. The new workshops will be  held monthly so that people can get support for their business whenever they  need it,” said Ray Bowman, director of SBDC of Ventura and Santa Barbara  Counties.
Starting a Small Business Workshop is a monthly workshop presented by SBDC  advisor Mary Anne Rooney and is an overview of the steps needed to establish a  business. The next workshop will be 3-5 p.m., Feb. 20.
Introduction to International Importing and Exporting is presented by SBDC  director Ray Bowman. The workshop is a practical introduction to the business  basics importing and exporting. Topics include logistics, documents, contract  administration, terminology, quality control and payment procedures. The  workshop will be 3-5 p.m., Feb. 15 and will be offered the third Wednesday of  each month.
Consultant Support Group is presented by SBDC advisor Joe Huggins and is an  ongoing group for established consultants and those who are interested in  entering the field. It will cover topics and issues they will encounter when  working for clients and businesses. The group will be 8:30-9:30 a.m., Feb. 17  and meet the third Friday of each month.
Huggins will also present the Entrepreneurial Academy. Topics will include an  introduction to the entrepreneurial mindset, the planning stages, products and  pricing, marketing practices, managing sales, operations and HR, legal  considerations, financing, and funding sources. The Academy will be held 1-3  p.m., Feb. 17 and will meet the third Friday of each month. Pre-approval is  required for participation.
Introduction to International Shipping and Logistics is presented by Bowman  and is a basic overview of international logistics, including definitions,  regulations, documentations, transportation, warehousing and pricing, as well as  emerging issues in today’s economy. Participants are encouraged to ask questions  about their current logistics problems or concerns. The workshop will be 3-5  p.m., Feb. 22 and will be offered the fourth Wednesday of each month.
Workshops on QuickBooks and How to Start an e-business will be starting soon.”


This is an excellent initiative fueled by Ventura County international business consultants and international development consultants.  Other Counties, Universities, and jurisdictions should mimic similar models in order to continue to grow their specific niches and areas of interests.  This is a good idea to offer business workshops as it continues to bridge the age old gap between business and education.  By having business education, two birds are hit with one stone focusing on educational infrastructures and innovative business infrastructures. For more information on this topic join International Consulting News’ rapidly expanding network by signing up for emailing info@internationalconsultingnews.com.

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