Five Cross-Networking Targets for International Consulting Professionals

Picture showing five cross-networking targets for international consulting professionals.

As stated in previous articles by International Consulting News, networking is a huge part in modern business as it helps organizations connect with resources, connect with the market, and effectively partner.   There are endless applications to networking that cannot be conveyed by a simple article because social exchanges are so innovative and organic.


This is the same premise behind social media.  Just a decade ago people were operating the web for technical solutions and people had no idea that social media would enter the scene and revolutionize the way people connected and conducted business.  Now social media is apparent in virtually every industry as it has led to the creation of unimaginable platforms for business growth.

The Boston highlighted five cross-networking targets for international consulting professionals that businesses can use to increase the effectiveness of their interactions.  By focusing on these areas professionals can get the most out of networking.


    • Academia Boston is called the ‘Athens of America’ for good reason—the influence of academic institutions is pervasive. Many people in New England earn a degree or two here, yet interacting with your alumni network is only the beginning for engaging with the academic community. Professors are often open to collaborating on new projects, which can lead to real job opportunities. After reading an intriguing news article written by a business professor, I contacted him and wrote business cases part-time, leading to other publishing opportunities.
    • Business In the business community it’s all too easy to focus in your vertical. I urge you to build relationships with professionals in an entirely different area from what you are used to: if you are an engineer, join an organization for marketers or lawyers.  If you are in finance, attend conferences for the biotechnology industry. If you work at a Fortune 500 company, make an appearance at startup events. You never know when a particular business relationship may provide great value for your career, or what kind of professional you may need to recruit or partner with on a new venture.
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The Boston highlighted these sectors because they have been known to have the adequate resources available that help professionals in most of their regular ventures. These five cross-networking targets for international consulting professionals are general vehicles that can help leverage any business.

Another sector to target that was not mentioned in the article is media.  This sector is often neglected because people don’t know how to use the available resources or they just don’t have an in-depth understanding of its true practical solutions.

Media can be its own networking platform used to create other networking platforms like social media, markets, communities, associations and much more.  Also media can even be focused to target a specific audience.  Media is so important that it should not be used in addition to the five sectors mentioned by The Boston, but it should be integrated into each targeted sector and utilized.

If international business consultants incorporated these networking sectors into their practices then more value could be captured by clients and reflect in greater profits.




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