International Consultants Expand Sleep Consulting Industry

International consulting firms and institutes are emerging all over the globe in different industries and professions.  As stated in previous articles, this wave is caused by the need for higher education.  Universities provide the traditional education for traditional career paths but what about the large amount of unaccounted professions?  International consulting firms provide this higher education for professionals in need of advancement within their profession.

International Consulting News recognizes this wave and works to highlight emerging industries that need this higher education or provide this higher education.  In this case, international consultants expand sleep consulting industry to offer online training for business owners interested in acquiring sleep certification.

photo by jrseles shows international consultant advancing sleep consulting industry.

The International Maternity Institute offers a wealth of consulting and resources for business owners or aspiring business owners in the sleep industry.  They also offer stress management tools and business planning training to provide additional direction to consultants.

IMI’s mission is to encapsulate a global network of maternity professionals.  SFGate highlights more benefits of obtaining sleep certification for consultants.

“The International Maternity Institute (IMI), a leading maternity  educational organization, becomes the first accredited organization to offer an  online sleep certification for prenatal and postpartum. Strong industry and  client demand necessitated the establishment of a course that would extend sleep  consulting to include the pre-natal period to support mothers who experience  sleep issues during pregnancy. Sleep problems during pregnancy are on the rise  and have become very commonplace and thus a clear need and demand has arisen to  offer a certification covering the period before and after birth.
San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) April 16, 2012
Typically infant-family  sleep consultants are known to work with parents during postpartum to  provide training, tools, resources, and education in order to get their child to  sleep. Sleep Training is most commonly introduced when an infant reaches four  months of age or shortly thereafter. Occasionally families begin introducing sleep training earlier on, however very  little training exists anywhere to certify or educate consultants and maternity  practitioners during pregnancy.”
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Through new online resources, IMI’s international consultants have been able to expand the sleep consulting industry to new markets.   Online education has been also growing in popularity as more institutes and universities are adopting these approaches.  With new credible institutions and associations emerging, trust can be gained causing new professionals to enter the market, thus expanding the overall market.

The IMI also offers a membership base to plug into which creates additional support and over culture for independent consultants.  The certification is currently represented in United States, Asia, Europe, and Canada.


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  1. Concerned says:

    How can an institute grant a certification in a specific profession when the instructors are not in that particular profession themselves. Sounds like a bogus deal!!!!!!!

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