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How to Enhance Growth Curve Through Effective Organizational Development Strategies


“Innovation is the Key to Profit Maximization. And Integration is the Key to Innovation.  But in order to Integrate we must Communicate!”


Company culture, daily tasks, future planning, and foundational structures at the core of organization’s developmental strategies can be the difference between a struggling small business owner and a highly successful fortune 500 company.  In previous articles and posts ICN outlined different human resource strategies, but now it is time to look at some core organizational development strategies.


Often organizations find these types of strategies useful when they are building their companies; but, for some reason no one seems to find these strategies important during the growth of their organizations.  International Consulting News has a guide to successfully growing a business that will be available shortly for loyal followers.  The guide lists 10 ways companies can enhance their growth curve through effective organizational development strategies.  3 of the strategies outlined by ICN are listed as “proper planning and strategizing is the building blocks for businesses to grow successfully. “


Solid Organizational Development Strategies are the Building Blocks of Business Growth.

1 Create Risk Policies and Procedures. Risks are merely the lack of surety from unknown future events.  Decision makers should brainstorm potential threats make an active document and continue to update risks on a regular basis.  Furthermore, the same process should be generated for solutions and possible plans of action.  This is a step that businesses don’t regularly implement and the results of this lack of planning can cause unforeseen problems.
2 Align Long Term Goals with Short Term Goals. Organizations should integrate long term goals into daily goals and actively ensure each employee is aware of organizational documents like mission and vision.  This will work to create the desirable culture that is essential for the long term success of an organization.   
3 Organizations should seek to further flatten hierarchy structure.   This point cannot be stressed enough.  Organizations that have slow decision making processes are experiencing leakages in profits as a result of slow adjustments.  Furthermore, Organizations without a structure in place that is conducive of idea generation and implementation from the bottom up to the top cannot grow as healthy as upper level management seeks.

Just by implementing 3/10 strategies from ICN’s guide companies can experience increased profits and higher satisfaction which will ultimately result in longer sustainability.  For more on this topic continue to check back as ICN will have more in depth coverage on this topic.

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