Free Tip of the Week (11/3/11)

Integrating Internet into International Consulting

“Innovation is the key to Profit Maximization. And Integration is the key to Innovation.”

by Josh Kimbrough ICN senior staff

How to maximize international consulting through internet solutions

The secret is out. The internet has expanded so rapidly over the last decade that there is very little information that cannot be found online. The internet is one of the most undervalued assets for some of the more traditional professionals that use more traditional approaches to business. Mostly everything one needs to run a business is on the internet and can be found for free or drastically reduced prices.

As the internet market grows there arise new niches that can be filled. There is a huge international niche that can be filled by international internet consultants that would focus on merely integrating strategies that center around finding heavily reduced or free solutions for individuals and businesses.

The bulk of value would be finding already present information and resources that most companies would normally pay for. Most organizations don’t even think about searching through non-conventional avenues like free resources online. For instance a free online library might have a wealth of information that fulfills the need of simple information that may be needed on a day to day basis for a professional.

YouTube even provides a hands on approach to information taking free information sharing resources a step further. With this, professionals and consultants can find tutorials and step by step sessions that allow individuals the opportunity to be walked through the entire processes.

Even more advanced professionals and consultants could find free information from starting forums and discussion boards gathering interested parties in a way to collaborate and share information.

These options are just a few possible solutions out of a huge wealth of public information on the internet. Additionally, with the internet still expanding, opportunities for more information resources continually emerge. This is further proof the argument that it is a great time to be an international consultant.


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